Bingo Blitz Elite Membership Benefits: Reviews Of Elite Subscription

If you are a bingo blitz player, then you have probably heard of Bingo Blitz elite membership, right? Yes, it’s a club of premium Bingo Blitz users who can enjoy better features and extra benefits by joining the Bingo Blitz elite community group. 

There are a bunch of benefits of joining elite subscription on Facebook too. Compared to free (basic) users, elite members enjoy special occasion rewards and gifts on a daily basis. 

So, are you interested? If you are, go to this discussion to find out more on how to get elite free memberships. Elite Bingo Blitz members are smarter in their game too. If you want to excel in Bingo blitz, we recommend you give a good read through this article.

What Is A Bingo Blitz Elite Membership Subscription?

Bingo Blitz Elite Membership

Bingo Blitz is a famous game that has many million players worldwide. In this game, there’s a special elite membership facility that costs about $15 a month. By getting this elite membership facility, you can get an instant 300 credit bonus for joining the elite community group. Also, you’ll get 24 power-ups every month along with 10 daily credits.

These are the first-time-joining facilities. But as you become a member of the elite community group, you’ll get the following elite benefits as well:

  • daily premium frames or elite frames
  • access to an early review of different contents for a limited time
  • bonus 5 rounds in the daily tournaments for free
  • bonus rewards every month
  • extra skins and themes

Is Bingo Blitz Elite Worth it? (How Much It Costs)

Bingo Blitz Elite Worth

A Bingo Blitz subscription will cost you $14.99 every month. The subscription will give you access to elite content and elite community groups. Also, you’ll be able to use the elite account from any device from any platform.

If you are someone who loves to play bingo a lot, it is totally worth it. If you enjoy playing the game in your free time, then it doesn’t matter how much it costs. As long as you are getting the fun out of this game, it’s totally worth the money. So if you have a few friends who routinely like to play with you, you should go ahead and buy that Bingo Blitz elite membership.

How To Join The Bingo Blitz Elite Membership Group On Facebook?

If you want to join the elite group on Facebook, You have to search for a group with the name “Bingo Blitz Elite Community Group”. When you find the group, you’ll have to press the “join group” button.

After verifying that you are indeed an elite user of the bingo blitz, the group administrators will let you in shortly.

How Can I Cancel My Elite Membership Or Subscription?

There are a bunch of ways of canceling the elite subscription. Follow the below tricks to cancel the subscription. 

For Canceling Elite Subscription On Facebook:

  1. Go to the link ““.
  2. 2. In the link, you’ll have options to unsubscribe to elite membership on Facebook.

Or, if you face unforeseen difficulties in canceling the membership, You can directly contact the Facebook authority regarding this issue. To do that, navigate to this link,”“.

For Bingo Blitz Elite Subscription Through Google Play Store:

  1. Navigate to the Google Play app on your Android device.
  2. In the search bar, type BINGO BLITZ and search for the game. Then, enter into the game details page.
  3. Find the CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION button and unsubscribe your bingo blitz account from elite membership. 

Bingo Blitz Un-subscription For iOS Devices:

  •  On your iOS device, navigate to SETTINGS.
  •  Scroll down and enter into iTUNES AND APP STORE. 
  •  Now, tap on the Apple ID that you have logged in to your device with.
  • Then, you should navigate to the SUBSCRIPTIONS section.
  • In there, find an option with the level  ELITE SUBSCRIPTION. 

Can I Still Use My Bingo Blitz Elite Subscription Benefits After Unsubscribing?

After unsubscribing for Bingo Blitz elite group and subscription, you’ll still be able to use the elite frames and perks for the remainder of your subscription time. After your subscription period has expired, you will no longer be able to use your elite frames and perks.

Bingo Blitz Free Credits And Membership (Hacked)

In the Bingo Blitz game, you have to usually pay a certain amount of money every month to retain an elite membership. But there are some unofficial sources on the internet, from where you can get Bingo Blitz hacked APKs and enjoy free unlimited credits and memberships.

To get Bingo Blitz free credits and memberships, go to Google and search with the term “Bingo Blitz elite hack free”. As a result, you will find various sources of the Bingo Blitz hack and free credits. From there, try out the Bingo Blitz APK sources and check which one works for you. Most of the time, you’ll find a working link from where you’ll be able to download a Bingo Blitz hacked APK. 

But our recommendation is not to use your real email ID and password to login into the Bingo Blitz hacked APKs. As these APKs are not the official version of the game, your game ID can be prone to potential privacy risks.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase elite membership?

In the Bingo Blitz game, you’ll see a button prompt by label JOIN ELITE NOW. By clicking this particular button, you’ll be able to get a elite subscription. This method works for all device platforms.

After clicking the JOIN ELITE NOW button, you’ll be tunnelled into the subscription process and payment steps. After completing all that, you’ll successfully have a elite account.

What is the duration of the elite subscription?

Bingo Blitz elite subscription is a monthly subscription service. So, after buying the elite subscription for 15 USD, you’ll have elite features for 30 days.

Do I miss some perks if I don’t log in daily?

If you miss out on logging in on a daily basis, you’ll miss the daily bonuses and perks. If you log in into the Bingo Blitz game daily, you can actively collect all your rewards every day.


As you can see from the above discussion, the Bingo Blitz elite subscription is meant for the special player base who really love this game. If you indeed enjoy this game from the bottom of your heart, you should go all out and enjoy the elite subscription.

Although the subscription will cost you 15 USD per month, it’s completely worth it if you enjoy every bit of it. We hope this discussion has been helpful to you. We bid you the best of luck.

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