House Of Fun Cheats, Hacks [How To Get Free Coins]

House Of Fun is one of the best casino games that run on both android and IOS devices. This game can also be called the mobile version of the Las Vegas casino. And, winning in this game is based completely on your luck. 

But, that doesn’t mean we can’t provide the necessary House Of Fun cheats and hacks for you to win. These hacks, combined with some tips for the House Of Fun game, could increase your chances of success.

Now, you may be thinking,” what is there to learn where there isn’t any skill involved?”. Well, you should know that, in the House Of Fun games, relying on the chances is not the only thing to do. 

To be specific, this game may not need skills, but you need a bit of strategizing to win here. And here is where we come in. We have got some amazing cheats for the House Of Fun game for you. These cheats can boost your chances of winning many free coins in the House Of Fun game.

How Does The House Of Fun Cheats Work?

House Of Fun Cheats Work
House Of Fun Cheats Work

Everyone knows a bit about what the House Of Fun game is. But, let’s know about the game in detail. When it comes to winning in this game, you have to rely a lot on your luck. But, there’s more!

A major feature of this game is that it offers a lot of slot machine games. And, it has some additional features that come out once you keep winning and go to a higher level. Namely, once you reach a certain milestone level, you can unlock a lot of new slot-machine games and new features.

So, as we have said before, this game doesn’t need any skill. But, it doesn’t come with any risk either. How? It’s because there isn’t any real-life money involved in this House Of Fun game. Unless you happen to spend money in this game yourself (for purchasing premium cards, elite memberships, etc), there’s no chance of losing any money.

How To Get Free Coins IN HOF [Effective Cheats]

Get Free Coins IN HOF

Everything you need to know about how to get free coins in the House Of Fun game is described below. Here, you may also find some cheats and tricks that you can use to improve your game performance.

Cheat 1: Bet Efficiently

It is important to know that the game can be turned around depending on how you bet. To win in large chunks, we suggest going for the higher bet you can afford. Unless you happen to be running low on coins, do not take lower bets. 

Now, it may sound like a risky move, but you can win a ton of coins if you take higher bets (rather than winning small bets). But, you need to keep track of your current coin level as well. To do that, you must keep an eye on your account and be constantly checking if you have enough in-game coins in your account.

If you are playing multiplayer mode, you should also consider your opponents’ coin level as well. For instance, if your opponent is running low on coins, then you bet a little lower. By doing that, you are not risking your spinning coins.

Cheat 2: Do Not Miss Out On Any Free Coin Spins

You might notice that in-game events are going on in the House Of Fun game. And, through those events, you can get free spins and coins for slot games. Therefore, that will significantly increase your earnings without putting your virtual money on the line. 

For example, on the 3-Tigers mini-game (in the House Of Fun game events), if you get 3 scatters with the pagoda piece on reels 1 to 3, then you will get to do a free spin.

Now, you may get nothing out of those free spins, but there is no risk to take. And, if you do manage to win, then the currency you get is a complete bonus. Simply put, these are the House Of Fun coins that are added to your account as a bonus (without any effort). 

Cheat 3: Earn Free Coins By Collecting Rewards

Other than the methods mentioned above, there are quite a few more ways you can earn coins in the House Of Fun game without playing slot machine games. One of them is pretty simple. What’s that? It’s a simple trick. 

To earn additional coins, all you have to do is connect your game to your Facebook account and then redeem your bonus rewards.

Another way is to go to the bottom left portion of your lobby screen and click the “Redeem” button to get daily rewards. But, you need to remember that you can only claim it once every 3 hours(only 4 times per day). But, this won’t add many coins to your account. 

One other way to get coins is by opening various chests from the “Legends” menu. Also, if mini games please you, you can play free slot games to get some free coins as well.

Moreover, there is good news for you! If you happen to be a new player in this game, you will get 5000 free coins by making a purchase worth 1 USD from the in-game shop. It is a pretty good deal for only 1 USD, wouldn’t you agree?

Cheat 4: Earn Free Coins By Leveling Up 

If you are keen to earn a ton of coins in a short time, then this tip is for you. You can earn additional coins in the House Of Fun game by leveling up your game characters.

For example, in the House Of Fun game, you will see a button named “Legends”. And, that is where you will find a feature called “Hall of Fame Legends”. 

There, you will find some in-game playable characters. You can get those characters by opening chests.

Now, after you get a rare character (for example, Poseidon), you will need to upgrade that character to rank 5 to get 100,000 in-game currency. 

For a fact, we know that this much bonus currency is nothing to ignore. That’s why this method of getting endless bonus coins is considered to be one of the best cheats.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there any particular daily log-in reward?

Of course, there is. When you enter the House Of Fun game, you will find that there’s a button at the left bottom of your screen. Now, you can collect bonus rewards just by logging in (4 times a day). And, can be obtained every once in 3 hours.

Are there any free-to-play slot games to earn free coins?

There are quite a lot of slot games that you can play without spending any in-game currency. Those are laid down below.

  • Wild Howl.
  • All Mine Gold.
  • Wheel of Zeus.
  • Valley of the Pyramids
  • Gods of Greece
  • Fu Xiang
  • King of The North

Are there any cheats and hacks to easily get 1 million free coins?

There is a method to get 1million coins pretty easily. That is by opening “Legend Chests”. By opening these chests, you can get some rare characters. If you are lucky enough, leveling up those characters to rank 5 will give you 100,000 coins per character. 

So, to get 1million bonus coins, you must upgrade at least 10 characters to rank 5. Compared to other methods, this cheat is pretty easy, right?


House Of Fun is played worldwide and is a great source of entertainment as a leisure activity. In this game, you can add your friends and play with them as well. 

The game itself is pretty easy and fun to play. But, you can use cheats and tricks to enjoy this game even more. That’s why we highly recommend this game to you. 

In this discussion, we have mentioned some methods to make the game easier to beat. Now, all you have to do is download the game and follow our guide above. Happy gaming (and cheating)!

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