Top 10 Ways To Match Masters Free Coins

In my opinion, Match Masters is one of the most exciting and fun games one can play to kill time. It is more like a puzzle game where one can match various items and scores. Matching the objects helps you win many gifts, such as coins, spins, boosters, and other bonuses. 

Collecting more coins makes you feel more successful in the game. And it also helps you participate in daily challenges and different in-game tournaments. That’s why you must collect as many coins as possible.

In today’s article, I have shared many ways to collect Match Masters free coins. Trust me, it’s not that hard. So feel free to read the rest of the article.

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What Are Free Coins In Match Maters?

The coins in the Match Masters game are the virtual game currency. And the free coins are whatever you earn without paying real money. 

But why go through the trouble to earn free coins? Why do you need them? Well, here are some reasons.

  • To Play Challenges: You can win more than just coins if you participate in challenges regularly. But to do that, you have to pay with coins.
  • To Buy Stickers And Chests:  You can also collect stickers and trade them for various purposes. And the chest contains surprise bonuses and rewards. And you can often buy them using free coins. 
  • To Get More Coins: With the coins, you can buy various gifts and rewards. These are ways to earn more free coins.
  • Gain A Booster: The booster is a powerful weapon in the Match Masters game. You can gain it using coins and boost your game.

How To Collect Match Masters Free Coins

So, are you ready to collect free coins from the Match Masters game? Then don’t miss the following part.

Play Regularly

The best way to win lots of free coins in the Match Masters game is to play regularly. Staying connected to the game and playing it every day will help you score more, meaning more coins and gifts.

On top of that, you will receive lots of free coins, gifts, spins, and boosters if you log in daily. Moreover, there are hourly bonuses that include free coins. You can also complete a list of daily tasks to win additional free coins.

Lucky Spin

As I mentioned just a moment ago, there is a bonus for logging in daily. And one of them is the Lucky Spin. This spin gets activated only once every 24 hours. So when you log in for the first time on the day, you can give it a spin. It can get you various gifts and bonuses and often free coins. 

Join Teams

Like many real games, you can make teams or join them while playing Match Masters. It allows you to broaden your gaming network. You can do it with your online friends or strangers. 

If you become part of a team, you can exchange various gifts, which include free coins. You can even request coins or gifts as necessary for your team members and use them for your game. And if they are in need of your help, you can send them gifts to return the favor.

Collect Sticker Albums/Cards

While playing the game, you will often find sticker tokens or cards. You can collect them as they come and complete your sticker album set. And once you complete the set, you will get a bonus, which can be lots of free coins, boosters, or other gifts.

Join Events

If you want to give your coins a boost, I suggest you keep an eye out for events. You can participate in various contests during these events and win free coins and other bonuses. But there is a catch!

You must pay with coins to join these events. That’s why it is essential to play carefully to win and earn more than you spent.

Participate In Tournaments

Similar to the events, you can also participate in tournaments to win even more coins. However, tournaments require at least 8 players to compete against each other. So, the game will be pretty challenging, and you have to play more strategically.

Also, note that these tournaments come with a set of rules and conditions. So make sure to read them properly before you participate.

Invite Your Social Media Friends

Want to grow your team? Then, ask your Facebook or social media friends to join Match Masters. You can share a referral or invitation link on your social media account to send the link to them directly.

You will be able to earn more free coins, bonuses, and spins as more of your friends join. Besides, it is best to make teams with people you already know.

Follow Match Masters On Social Media

There are perks to following Match Masters on social media. Firstly, you will regularly get updates on Match Masters gifts and gift links. Secondly, you will be able to earn free coins in a more reliable way.

So, you should follow the game on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more. You can also follow Match Master’s official YouTube channel for tips and hacks.

Join Match Masters Communities

Besides following the game on social media, you should join the game communities. There are online groups or communities solely for the Match Masters players. People there discuss game issues, share tips and tricks, and help each other out. That would be the right place to discover more ways to earn free coins.

Turn On Mobile Notifications

If you are playing the game on your phone, make sure to turn on the notification system. This way, you can immediately know if your daily spin or bonuses are ready and collect free coins faster.

Play Match Masters On Android For Free Coins

Play Match Masters On iOS For Free Coins

Should I Buy Match Masters Coins With Real Money?

Sometimes, players become impatient and go as far as spending real money to buy coins. But I always discourage players from doing so because there are already so many ways to get free coins from the game. Besides, it’s not like you get real money from playing the game. So, making any purchase seems pretty unnecessary.

However, if you don’t bother with spending some bucks to buy coins, at least spend it well. Look for packages that offer extra coins, spins, gifts, or boosters. That way, you can try earning some more free coins.


The Match Masters online game has its own versatility. The game can be more fun if you know how to play it well. One of the best ways to play the game more confidently is to have lots of coins so you never run out of them.

And if you invest your coins wisely, it can help you bring more coins. It is all about playing strategically and skillfully.