What Are The Best Ways To Get Zynga Poker Free Chips?

Poker games can’t be fun if you don’t have enough chips to use and invest. Zynga Poker is one of the largest online casino games, including many others. And if you want to sharpen your poker game skills and explore more, you must ensure you have enough chips to play with.

But the thing about online poker games is that you should not waste real money on them since you are not “actually” winning anything in return. That’s why it is best to stick to finding ways to get Zynga Poker free chips. But how do you get them?

Well, this article will answer your questions. So feel free to read the article to collect free chips to boost your collection.

Why Do You Need Free Chips In Zynga Poker?

Chips are basically poker game currency. If you don’t have chips, you cannot play the games. Let me explain the importance of chips in Zynga Poker games.

  • To Play A Game: No matter which Zynga Poker game you choose, you need to use chips as payment. But the amount of chips you pay depends on the type of game you participate in.
  • Placing Bets And Other Actions: A poker game involves doing various actions, such as raising, making bets, folding, calling, checking, etc. Players will need to chip during these actions.
  • Use Chips To Win More Chips: The chips are more like an investment for your poker games. Win the game, and you will return with much more than you spent.
  • Participate In Events And Tournaments: The Zynga Poker online game throws various events and tournaments for players to participate in and win more chips and coins. So if you want to take part in those, you must ensure you have more chips.
  • Increase Chips Collection: Who wouldn’t want to have a pile of poker chips? Well, it’s a good show-off. Besides, it gives you the confidence to make higher bets.

How To Get Zynga Poker Free Chips

You cannot think of playing poker without poker chips. So, if you are a Zynga Poker fan, here are some of the best ways to collect lots of free chips.

Welcome Bonus

Newbies always worry they won’t have enough chips to start and learn poker games. But that’s not true. As soon as you download and sign up for the game, you receive at least 60,000 free chips. It’s a good start and enough for you to explore various games.

Daily Free Chips

Being an active Zynga Poker player also gives you the advantage of winning a chunk of free chips. Log in every day and spin the Wheel of Fortune. It can give you plenty of cash prizes, chips, and other gifts.

If you get lucky, you can win up to $45 million worth of free chips. That’s a more appropriate reason to log in daily.

Timely Bonus/Lucky Bonus

Talk about getting lucky, the Lucky Bonus Slot spin gets activated every hour. So don’t miss the opportunity to add more free coins to your collection.

However, remember that the amount of prize you win depends on your active days, how many friends you invited, and what your position in the game is. If you maintain a 7-day streak, you can end up getting a 100% bonus of your winning prize.

Zynga Store Reward

If you have your Zynga Poker account connected to the game’s store, you have a chance to win rewards that may include many free chips. You can win a reward card if you make 5 different purchases that fall into the reward category. Having this privilege can also help you get up to 20% discount on any purchase from the store.

Join Leagues

Betting high is quite risky. It puts your coins and chips at stake. However, if you win a game of poker with a higher bet, you have the chance to earn Loyalty Points. But what exactly does it do?

Well, the more points you earn, the faster you cross from one level to another. And if you get into the Zynga Poker leagues, you can claim additional daily and weekly rewards.

Collect Watches

If you are confused by seeing this, you haven’t been paying enough attention. Every time you collect a watch in a poker game, you will collect millions of free chips. It means the more watches you collect, the more free chips you add to your collection.

Also, collecting seasonal watches can help you earn more free chips. So watch out for them (pun intended)!

Weekly Events And Tournaments

Don’t forget to participate in weekly events and tournaments. One such popular tournament is the Sit-N-Go, which gives players a chance to win free chips and trophies.

Level Up Prize

Keep leveling up because it increases your chance of winning coins, reward points, and chips. For example, if you reach level 5 and win 500,000 free chips. And if you progress in your game and reach level 10, you can win millions of free chips. Isn’t that awesome?

Watch Ads

Watching ads is one of the easiest ways to earn free chips in the Zynga Poker game. Click the camera icon on your game screen’s panel, and it will start playing an ad. However, you can only watch a limited number of ads daily.

Invite Your Social Media Friends

Don’t forget to invite your friends to play poker with you. Remember that the more of your friends join the game, the more freebies you win. In fact, you can boost your free chip prize from daily spins if you have more friends added to the game.

On the other hand, if any of your friends remove the game account, you will no longer receive the bonus for them. However, you will still win rewards and bonuses according to the number of friends that are still active. 

Collect From Social Media Posts

Start following Zynga Poker on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn if you haven’t already. Along with various game-related updates, you will also find games and quests that will help you earn free chips. You will also find freebie links that add free chips to your account without hassle.

Collect From Website

The Zynga Poker official website is your most reliable place to collect free chips. Watch out for the yellow banner on the top part of the web page and click it. Once you do, it will redirect you to various options for playing poker and collecting free chips and gold. If you aim to collect more chips, you must spend more coins.

Subscribe To Newsletters

Whether by email newsletters or any other way, you will come across promo codes from time to time. You can redeem these codes to add rewards to your account. To do that-

  • Go to your Zynga Poker’s menu.
  • Click Referrals.
  • Then click on Redeem.
  • There, write the promo code correctly.
  • Finally, click Submit, and you will win the prize.

You might be able to redeem one promo code at a time. So, if you see an error, wait for some time before trying again.

Play Zynga Poker On Android For Free Chips

Play Zynga Poker On iOS For Free Chips

Is Using Cheats And Chip Generators Safe To Get Zynga Poker Free Chips?

If you are a Zynga Poker game nerd, you would want to increase chips quickly to play more. But what if the processes I mentioned above don’t feel enough for you? Should you try cheats and free chip generators from unknown sites?

The answer is NO! Despite what people say and having effective cheats out there, I would say it is best to avoid using these tools and cheats. You will come across many sites that offer freebie chip links.

But once you click them, they will keep redirecting you to other things and may even ask for personal information. That’s why it is best to avoid these sites.

You can win millions of chips by playing fair. So why bother going for something that’s completely unreliable?


Playing poker can be addictive in a way since you can play it on your OS or iOS phone and even on Windows and MAC. Once you learn how to get Zynga Poker free chips, it just boosts your gamer side and makes the games more fun. 

So what are you waiting for? Invite your friends now and enjoy the world of Zynga Poker.