Sheet Feeders: Meaning, Definition, And Their Function

If you have ever been to a printing press or have gone to buy a printer for your computer, you probably have heard of the term “sheet feeders”. But, do you know exactly what a sheet feeder is?

Well, you’re in luck today because we’re here to explain it in detail for you. So, come along with us till the end of this discussion and find out what sheet feeders are and what their functions are.

Once you get acquainted with this feeders. You can make informed decisions while buying a printer for your computer or a printing machine for your home press. So, without any more wait, let’s get to the main discussion.

Define Sheet Feeders: What Is It?

The meaning of the term “sheet feeders” refers to a certain machine that can “feed” (input) a particular type of sheet to another machine.

That means  the feeders can feed paper sheets, metal sheets, cardboard sheets, or any other type of sheets to any other machine.

However, when we use the term “sheet feeders” in our daily life, we usually mean a paper sheet feeding machine that is used for printing on paper. Most commonly, a sheet feeder is used in printing presses of newspapers or other print media.

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Paper Sheet Feeders: What Do They Do?

Paper feeders are a certain type of machine that feeds sheets of paper to another machine for the purpose of putting the paper sheets into good use. For example, a sheet feeder can be used to input papers in a machine that manufactures cartons from paper sheets.

Also, paper sheet feeders can be used in printing presses or newspaper presses where large-scale printing is conducted every day.

For instance, in a printing press where newspapers or magazines are printed every day, it is kind of mandatory to have a paper sheet feeder. 

Why is it so? It’s because when large-scale printing is done, a huge amount of paper has to be fed into the printing machine for the machine to print on. 

But, how are we going to feed a large amount of paper into a machine at a very fast pace? Well, this is where a paper sheet feeder comes in.

A paper sheet feeder can feed paper sheets at a speed of up to 1,000 feeds/minute. Therefore, it is clear that paper feeders are important machines that play vital roles in printing presses.

Corrugated Sheet Feeders: What Do They Do?

In a plant or factory. Where paper-made boxes and cartons are manufactured, a bunch of paper sheets is fed into certain manufacturing machines.

Corrugated Sheet Feeders

In that particular process, corrugated the feeders are used to feed corrugated paper sheets into the carton-making machines.

More specifically, corrugated the feeders are equipped with the necessary machinery to feed paper sheets into another machine at a very fast speed. (A carton maker machine).

As a result of that, a large number of paper sheets can be fed.

Which, later on, can be converted into cartoon boxes.

Therefore, as you can see, corrugated sheet feeders are essential tools in carton box manufacturing plants or factories. 

Printers With Sheet Feeders: What Do They Do?

Nowadays, in the current market. You will get to see a lot of all-in-one personal printers that have an integrated paper sheet feeder.

Meaning, that printers with sheet feeders will have an automatic function of feeding paper sheets into the printer. 

Therefore, these printers are able to print at a faster rate. And provide delivery of printed papers faster than any other printer model.

For example, a printer that has an integrated paper sheet feeder in it can easily provide up to 120 printouts per minute. 

On the other hand. Those printer models that require manual feeding of paper sheets only can provide about 40 printouts per minute.


The final word of this discussion is that sheet feeders can play many types of roles when they are used as components of different types of other machines. 

For instance, as we have mentioned above. You can use sheet feeders to feed paper sheets into machines for printing on paper.

However, you can also use sheet feeders for feeding. Other materials such as metal sheets or glass sheets into other machines that use metals or glass for manufacturing. 

Therefore, we think it is clear that sheet feeders are the type of machine that can fulfill various purposes when paired up with various types of devices.

Frequently Asked Questions?

  • Do all printers have sheet feeders in them?

No, not all models of printers have automatic sheet feeders integrated into them. Whereas some models will require that you feed the paper sheets with your hand, others can easily suck in paper sheets on their own (by using its internal paper sheet feeder).

  • What other machines have sheet feeders in them?

Other than printers and large-scale printing machines in the press, xerox copiers also have this feeders integrated into them. As the purpose of xerox copiers is to scan a certain document and make a Xerox copy of it. They need to be fed with blank paper sheets in order to fulfill their job. 

Therefore, modern-day Xerox copier machines have automatic paper sheet feeders in them.

  • Are sheet feeders dangerous to use?

It actually depends on which purpose the sheet feeder is being used for. For example, if the sheet feeder is being used to feed paper sheets into a personal printing machine, there’s no danger in using this device. 

However, if you’re handling a sheet feeder that is feeding paper sheets into a large-scale printing machine at a very fast rate. It might be highly dangerous to handle the machine without proper care.